The Journey Continues...This artistic path has had many winding turns.  From the time I was very young, creative projects were my outlet.  I knew there was so much wonder in our world, and one of my favorite activities was climbing trees and "hiding" little treasures for my neighbor friend to find.  How I wanted her to see  the magic too!

In college, I majored in art and accounting- what a combination!  As I grew older, life happened and my direction became more "practical".  Fortunately, I kept dabbling every chance I could, often with two little sets of hands by my side!  Now that my 
family has grown, I am able to dive into the intriguing world of art and nature full-speed ahead. I am constantly thinking about what I might create if I combined this with that... Mixed-media allows endless boundaries for exploration, and the wonder continues!

Now the journey within a creative mind  is a bit different... if you can just imagine, I may not know what creations are dwelling, waiting to be born!  If only it were as simple as words could describe.  As you view the various creations, I can only hope you'll be intrigued and perhaps feel a bit of the essence it carries.  Let that be your passport on our creative journey, for that connection you may feel is beyond words, beyond a physical place, drawing you in to the harmony life provides when we take the time to notice.  
Here's a peek inside my studio that is nestled above the garage.  I have surrounded myself with things that make me smile, such as a rare photo of my two darling daughters together, my studio helpers Billy & Joe (furry felines - look below!), and a funky rock my hubby found outside for me.  (Yes, I am entertained by those types of things, and how sweet that he knows it!)  Of course lots of color and texture are included, as they can offer so many delicious creative opportunities!
Meet Billy & Joe, my two furry companions.  Not pictured is Roxy, the independant female feline that doesn't care to help in the studio.  They are actually my "grandkitties", and they do make my days full of smiles.  
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They came to us during a bike ride in the summer of 2005, abandoned and injured. It didn't take long before we were hooked, and we like to think they are now happy and healthy. I used to think we found them, but in reality, my heart knows that they actually found us.

Thank you for looking!  I truly appreciate your interest!!!